+ADw?php define('WP+AF8-CACHE', true)+ADs // Added by WP Rocket /+ACoAKg +ACo The base configuration for WordPress +ACo +ACo The wp-config.php creation script uses this file during the installation. +ACo You don't have to use the web site, you can copy this file to +ACI-wp-config.php+ACI +ACo and fill in the values. +ACo +ACo This file contains the following configurations: +ACo +ACo +ACo Database settings +ACo +ACo Secret keys +ACo +ACo Database table prefix +ACo +ACo Localized language +ACo +ACo ABSPATH +ACo +ACo +AEA-link https://wordpress.org/support/article/editing-wp-config-php/ +ACo +ACo +AEA-package WordPress +ACo-/ // +ACoAKg Database settings - You can get this info from your web host +ACoAKg // /+ACoAKg The name of the database for WordPress +ACo-/ define( 'DB+AF8-NAME', 'snlvfhzohosting+AF8-wp+AF8-7tnde' )+ADs /+ACoAKg Database username +ACo-/ define( 'DB+AF8-USER', 'snlvfhzohosting+AF8-wp+AF8-imuzf' )+ADs /+ACoAKg Database password +ACo-/ define( 'DB+AF8-PASSWORD', 'Z3Gn+ACo-g+ACM-t4+AH4-WnOk2+ACo' )+ADs /+ACoAKg Database hostname +ACo-/ define( 'DB+AF8-HOST', 'localhost:3306' )+ADs /+ACoAKg Database charset to use in creating database tables. +ACo-/ define( 'DB+AF8-CHARSET', 'utf8' )+ADs /+ACoAKg The database collate type. Don't change this if in doubt. +ACo-/ define( 'DB+AF8-COLLATE', '' )+ADs /+ACoAKgAjAEAAKw +ACo Authentication unique keys and salts. +ACo +ACo Change these to different unique phrases+ACE You can generate these using +ACo the +AHsAQA-link https://api.wordpress.org/secret-key/1.1/salt/ WordPress.org secret-key service+AH0. +ACo +ACo You can change these at any point in time to invalidate all existing cookies. +ACo This will force all users to have to log in again. +ACo +ACo +AEA-since 2.6.0 +ACo-/ define('AUTH+AF8-KEY', 'fSF)/c845V1iJj0y2(84+ADs-1+ADs-SM68NEV)+ACMAIwA7-y4tWt7+ACUAfA-jG)L3+AF0AJg-5yg+ACU-DLR6)u1w+-92')+ADs define('SECURE+AF8-AUTH+AF8-KEY', '+ACYAJQ-D8+ACU-S2+ACE-Miwb20RPC+ACY-2B2+AHw-vtnb+ACo-/(F(a+ACY-z+AHw-o22ab1+ACUAXQ-62C7+AFs-UGKG+ADs-s5FqM(+ADs-0Z3I')+ADs define('LOGGED+AF8-IN+AF8-KEY', '7+ACM-L):7+ACM-03+ADs-0-wpjJjTm+AHw-m0W2i+-mWL+AHw-m5kCogf89FDg(Iv78+-i+AHwAJg-k9CD+AEA-Rh)576x8')+ADs define('NONCE+AF8-KEY', 'a+AEA-bh+AF8-11vpO+AH4-a0yB+AHw-6u+ACU-uxy3Kqo8EIm1d+AF0-pl4KIo8/)C+-6+ACY-jR+-+AF8AQABd-7hIRKoW/G1i:')+ADs define('AUTH+AF8-SALT', '+AFs-N+AEA-71D+AFs--q1DCFH5+ACU-5-+ACY-hXTLlEq5+AH4AXw-f+AEAAKw-eabofTBV5yV+AH4-B6V9S5G+AFs-688nfw+AHw-1+AHw-wQ+AH4')+ADs define('SECURE+AF8-AUTH+AF8-SALT', '0+ACE-cJHE6U2FiEO46h+ACE-s:P+ADs-195/BiiWkJ+ACEAXQ-Nh3s5+ACMAKw-1+-U+ACY-JGr0j+AHw-8rjs8jF54+AF8-h7wT')+ADs define('LOGGED+AF8-IN+AF8-SALT', 'A99r2+ADs-AMw3q+ACY-6772uk5gJ/8/+AH4-w9915j2ne9m-/+ACEAKwBbAHw-5F+AF8-0A+AF0-HKUW9+ADs-k66+ACU-j3+ADs-9):')+ADs define('NONCE+AF8-SALT', 'OHlXBJr10+AFs-z0+ACU-4Bw5z5:Zl4+AF0)D/V+AF8AWw-i8+AF0-g+AF8-HZBq+AFs-Z+AF8-ec+AH4-8+ACM-49+ACM-6qiJ3fzb:38158')+ADs /+ACoAKgAjAEA--+ACo-/ /+ACoAKg +ACo WordPress database table prefix. +ACo +ACo You can have multiple installations in one database if you give each +ACo a unique prefix. Only numbers, letters, and underscores please+ACE +ACo-/ +ACQ-table+AF8-prefix +AD0 'OKVLFBGw+AF8'+ADs /+ACo Add any custom values between this line and the +ACI-stop editing+ACI line. +ACo-/ define('WP+AF8-ALLOW+AF8-MULTISITE', false)+ADs /+ACoAKg +ACo For developers: WordPress debugging mode. +ACo +ACo Change this to true to enable the display of notices during development. +ACo It is strongly recommended that plugin and theme developers use WP+AF8-DEBUG +ACo in their development environments. +ACo +ACo For information on other constants that can be used for debugging, +ACo visit the documentation. +ACo +ACo +AEA-link https://wordpress.org/support/article/debugging-in-wordpress/ +ACo-/ if ( +ACE defined( 'WP+AF8-DEBUG' ) ) +AHs define( 'WP+AF8-DEBUG', false )+ADs +AH0 /+ACo That's all, stop editing+ACE Happy publishing. +ACo-/ /+ACoAKg Absolute path to the WordPress directory. +ACo-/ if ( +ACE defined( 'ABSPATH' ) ) +AHs define( 'ABSPATH', +AF8AXw-DIR+AF8AXw . '/' )+ADs +AH0 /+ACoAKg Sets up WordPress vars and included files. +ACo-/ require+AF8-once ABSPATH . 'wp-settings.php' +ADs